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A lush and healthy lawn can completely transform the look of your outdoor space, providing a soft and inviting area for relaxation and recreation. At Hills Landscapes, we offer professional turf laying services, With a selection of premium turf varieties available, our team can assist you in choosing the best turf option for your specific needs and climate conditions. Whether you’re considering a Sir Walter buffalo, TifTuf Bermuda, Couch Grass or Eureka Kikuyu, adequate excavation and the use of premium top soil along with the right fertiliser is crucial for the successful establishment.

Premium Lawn Varieties

At Hills Landscaping, we not only provide professional turf laying services but also offer a comprehensive range of premium turf and landscaping supplies. Hills Landscaping and Paving can supply everything you need to bring your landscaping projects to life. From premium turf varieties such as Sir Walter buffalo, TifTuf Bermuda, Couch Grass or Eureka Kikuyu turf and topsoil to natural stone and Pavers, our extensive range of quality landscaping supplies ensures that you have access to the best materials for your outdoor projects.

Sir Walter Buffalo

Australia’s Number 1 Buffalo Turf

Sir Walter Buffalo excels in both sunny and shaded areas, enduring intense heat, drought, and frost without losing its vibrant colour. Sir Walter maintains its lush appearance even in winter, displaying remarkable resilience and recovering swiftly from damage. Its dense structure effectively outperforms weeds, ensuring a healthy and weed-free lawn.

TifTuf Bermuda

A Great Fine Leaf Turf Variety

TifTuf is a grass that has been bred to stand up to drought conditions and save you water. Tifftuff has the ability to bounce back quickly after heavy use making it perfect for sports fields, parks, and recreational areas.

Eureka Kikuyu

A Cost Effective Lawn Solution

Eureka Kikuyu is an affordable turf variety, making it a great budget-friendly choice for large-scale projects, Eureka Kikuyu recovers quickly from damage or stress, ensuring a resilient and attractive lawn.

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