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Hills Landscaping offers a wide range of landscape solutions in the Rouse Hill, NSW we are fully licensed and insured landscapers with over 10 years experience in the landscape construction and garden maintenance industry. If you decide to go with Hills Landscapes you can be sure that you’re getting high-quality work with competitive pricing. If you’re looking to add paving, stone work, garden edging, retaining walls, turf, pool landscaping or even a new driveway, the experienced team at Hills Landscaping is here to bring your vision to life. Hills Landscaping and paving offers free consultations and will work with you to create a transparent quote with no hidden costs that is focused on your requirements and budget.

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If you’re looking for landscapers in Rouse Hill Nsw, every homeowner knows the importance of finding budget-friendly landscaping services. When you search for “landscapers near me” trust is paramount. You need a landscaping company with a proven reputation and extensive experience, guaranteeing Landscaping services at a competitive price. Hills Landscaping and Paving are your ultimate partner that can turn your landscaping dreams into reality. We pride ourselves on our close collaboration with clients, taking the time to understand your unique vision and budget. Our dedicated team offers tailor made solutions to cater for your budget and landscaping project.

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Rouse Hill Landscaping Solutions

Local Paving Specialist’s

Discover the expertise of a Paving Specialist in the Rouse Hill, We can incorporate Paving into your landscape design with the use of premium paving supplies such as, Recycled Brick Pavers, Natural Stone Pavers or Concrete Pavers.
With a keen eye for detail, our local suppliers will guide you through the selection process, ensuring a perfect match for your Property. Let our qualified landscapers tailor a paving solution to complement your outdoor space and leave a lasting impression.

Retaining Wall Services In Rouse Hill, NSW

Transforming a sloping block into a captivating landscape demands the inclusion of sturdy retaining walls. These essential structures come in a diverse range of materials, such as sandstone logs or boulders, concrete sleepers, treated pine, brickwork, and keystone blocks, among others. Careful consideration of the wall’s dimensions, height, and configuration is imperative during the design phase. Particularly, retaining walls exceeding 600mm in height or those situated along the property’s boundary typically require an engineers certification. Complying with local council regulations and obtaining required permits is crucial. When selecting a retaining wall contractor be sure they possesses a valid license and insurance, by doing this you can remove potential future nightmares. Hills Landscaping holds current insurance and valid trade licensing required for constructing retaining walls and will guide you through the engineering process.

Rouse Hill Garden Edging Services

If your tired of battling relentless grass and weeds invading your garden beds, wreaking havoc on your hard work, get in contact with Hills Landscaping. Say goodbye to messy gardens embrace a garden makeover with our Rouse HillGarden Edging professionals.
With our garden edging service, garden maintenance becomes a breeze! Enjoy the convenience of a clean mowing edge and a mulched garden, effortlessly keeping your garden in shape all year round. Are you ready for effortless garden maintenance? Contact us today for a free quote, our team will guide you to the perfect garden edging solution tailored to your needs.

We Use Premium Landscape Supplies

At Hills Landscaping, were your ultimate choice for all things landscaping in Rouse Hill. Not only do we take pride in our landscaping services, we also present a great selection of preferred local landscaping suppliers with an array of premium turf varieties and nutrient-rich topsoil, you can create a lush and inviting lawn. Our natural stone and recycled brick paving materials are sourced from the most reputable and trusted paving stores in The Hills, with this in mind you can be sure you wont end up with a delivery low quality materials on your property. When embarking on your backyard landscaping journey, be sure to use the best landscaping supplies. Our handpicked collection showcases the highest quality materials, thoughtfully sourced from reliable local landscape suppliers.

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